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Semen Analysis Calculator | Pathways to Pregnancy

The semen analysis calculator will allow a man to get an instant interpretation of his fertility for FREE. Once you complete the Semen Analysis Caluclator, continue on with the proceeding survey. After completion of the survey you and your partner will receive a calculated report containing:
  • Semen Analysis Report
  • Pathway to Pregnancy Report
The accuracy of the Semen Analysis Calculator and Pathway to Pregancy report requires a current (less than 3 months) semen analysis.

Count ex. enter "40" if the Count is 40X106
Test Date ex. mm/dd/year
Motility ex. enter "25" if the Motility is 25%
Morphology ex.enter "30" if the Morphology is 30%

Please check the boxes above if they are noted as factors in your semen analysis report.